Kid friendly sunscreen in Halifax

nurturedsunsafetyewg_blogCongrats to the top rated kid’s sunscreens making the coveted Environmental Working Group’s 2016 list!

Twenty-two sunscreen lotions made this year’s list and we’re so proud all of our options at Nurtured made the grade.

Do keep in mind the following 6 tips as EWG’s recommendation is that sunscreen is the last resort for a healthy balance in sun protection.

With a little planning you’ll be all set for enjoying all this outdoor time Canada earns such a great reputation for.

  1. Wear clothing
  2. Find shade
  3. Plan around the sun
  4. Don’t get burned
  5. Sunglasses are a must
  6. Check UV index

Both active and inactive ingredients are taken into consideration by the EWG rating.

In baby and children’s sunscreen look for Zinc as your only acting ingredient and steer clear of Oxybenzoane, a chemical filter that can cause allergic skin reactions, may disrupt hormones or even affect developing fetuses. From The EWG website; “Two European studies have detected oxybenzone and other sunscreen filters in mothers’ milk, indicating that the developing fetus and newborns may be exposed…. A 2010 study of Swiss mothers by Margaret Schlumpf of the University of Zurich found at least one sunscreen chemical in 85 percent of milk samples.” More on this can be found at:

Don’t forget to check out all our sun safety products at Nurtured for your growing family! (Sun hats, swim suits, swim tops and even carriers like the Beco Cool are rated for excellent sun safety.) Enjoy that good ol’ Vitamin D!


Mother’s Day 2016

mothersdayblogHusbands, partners, sons and daughters….we’re SURE you remembered that this Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Perhaps you are stuck on how to show your appreciation for the hard-work, devotion, patience and love the mama in your life doles out on an everyday hourly basis.  Yes, us moms really do want to sleep in, have a mimosa-tinged brunch and get weepy over a handmade card.  But if you’ve got the the urge to wrap something up in one of our signature green ribbons than here’s a brainstorm wish-list from the moms on hand at Nurtured.


mothersmessageNurtured has a brilliant collection of pregnancy and parenting books in store (as well as story books aplenty).  MOM’S MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE would be a touching read on Mother’s day — an inspirational collection of over 40 letters from mothers around the world to the people they love.  If your lady is still expecting, perhaps HUSBAND COACHED CHILDBIRTH could be your gift to mama-to-be. Written by renowned obstetrician Dr. Robert Bradley, this completely natural method, based on a calming pattern of relaxation, abdominal breathing, and loving teamwork between husband and wife, takes parents-to-be step-by-step through the prenatal stages and moment-by-moment through the first- and second-stage labour and the actual birth (note: don’t let the gendered title give you pause! Wives and partners can benefit from this book too!)

If Mom is a journal writer and avid note taker (or wants to improve these skills!), the HIGHLIGHTS OF YOUR LIFE is designed to capture “bright” moments and important milestones in a child’s life. The hardcover book prompts parents to use the journal and their phone together with their children to create memories by snapping pictures, sending texts, and making short videos. So cool!



We carry the most gorgeous line of natural skincare here amongst our baby shampoos and diaper creams. It’s called ANOINTMENT and if you haven’t scrubbed down with their om shanti soap yet, you don’t know what’s missing.

If Mom is still pregnant, or newly nursing, their belly butter and nipple butter are staff favourites and being made of natural organic ingredients makes them the best baby-safe products. If Mom is passed those stages she definitely deserves a beautiful cosmetic pick-me-up too!  Rose Toner spray and Shea butter cream are luxurious products to freshen, balance and moisturize (You’d be hard pressed to find a Nurtured staff member without rose toner by their sink)!


The most coveted item by us Nurtured Moms is definitely mattresses, pillows and comforters from Sleeptek. This Canadian bedding line is the stuff all natural, organic, hypoallergenic dreams are made of. Treat the Mom in your life to a new shredded rubber pillow for her sore shoulders, or tuck her in to a dreamy summer-weight wool comforter. We’ve also got bamboo daydream blankets from Aden&Anais, a fluffy lightweight queen sized blanket that gets softer with every wash.



We just got a fresh batch of CHIMPAROO WOVEN WRAPS back in stock. These versatile carriers are great for newborn-toddlerhood babywearing…plus everyone looks fabulous wearing a wrap!  For extra measure you could add a ONE-ON-ONE CONSULT with Jolyn, our babywearing expert, and ensure mom feels more than confident with her stylish new carrier.  Or, kick your diaper bag up a notch with our fave LASSIG NECKLINE BAG.  It looks SO GOOD you’d never guess it’s full of baby stuff that’s for sure! Design coupled with functionality is what makes Lassig the best diaper bag.  Each bag contains a changing mat, insulated bottle holder, hooks that fit all strollers and details you’ll fall in love with.  And when your bundle’s all toilet-trained, Mom will still have a beautiful bag.

And Of Course…

We carry LIFEFACTORY bottles for babes but did you know we also carry Lifefactory cafe mugs and WINE GLASSES? It’s Mother’s Day for goodness sake. Rub that woman’s feet and pour her a glass of vino!



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Our in-house editor is the one and only Meghan Hubley. A Nurtured Mama by day and playwright by night…though it’s never quite in that order. Wordsmith by trade, Meghan finds delight in telling you the scoop of what’s what at Nurtured.

10 years of Nurtured Products for Parenting

anniversary2What a blast it was to celebrate 10 years of Nurtured Products for Parenting with so many of you in Halifax.  We could not have anticipated the number who came out to mark the day in style.

To set the record straight, yes, Smith’s Bakery cake qualifies as breakfast but only on special anniversaries.

If the first decade of Nurtured were to etch a lesson on our chalkboard door, it would tell us our to-do lists will always be never-ending!  The day of our 10th anniversary was no different.  When we walked into the store that morning, there was a flood in our entry way. As with all little hiccups through the years, we push forward toward the greater good of nurturing those that come through our door (or shop with us over the phone, or visit us online!).  It’s quite a detour when things like tiny floods happen, but thankfully it was nothing that a few prefolds, mop and bucket couldn’t fix.

Somehow Parkinson’s law allowed us to squeeze in staff training with our Clek rep and the goody bags received their finishing touches before the doors opened. The ‘law’ says “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion,” and we completed our carseat training brush up as dozens of customers began lining up around the block for Nurtured’s special day.

It goes without saying how special it was to have April from Anointment (the original NurturedMom for you newbies) in town for the special day.  It had been 5 years since April and I shared the floor during shop hours.  April certainly still knows some of the finer points, like just when to offer a basket to shoppers.  She will never lose her spark for wanting to help customers & greeting everyone with a big smile. The day was doubly special as it was also her son’s birthday! I made sure to send her home with a special gift of Tegu for the birthday boy.

We joked later about the number of times these special days and events blend together. It seemed like April was just opening the shop on Robie Street on that same son’s birthday just yesterday.  The day had a cohesive, full-circle feeling. This year we had (no surprise) someone on staff expecting a baby and in fact, Heather, worked her last shift before maternity leave on our anniversary.  (Send her good vibes! She’s due soon.) Thank you for supporting our store, but really our families by shopping at Nurtured. We are so lucky to be a part of your community past, present and future. – Jolyn