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“When we brought Abeego into Nurtured I didn’t know how much I would fall in love with its many uses. I thought it was intelligent, innovative, smelled great and initiated a lot of buzz on liter-less lunches (pun intended).

With so much emphasis on the waste-free lunch, I’ve also become quite mindful of taking that idea one step further in limiting the amount of waste I have in my kitchen.  Years ago I toured a chemical plant and saw how plastic wrap was made. That image has influenced my love for finding alternatives to what products are used around mealtime.

Whether you’re looking for a solution that is natural, eco-friendly or just plain cool, check out Abeego.  These products put my mind at rest, are a favourite go-to in my kitchen, motivate me to make lunches from home and make great gifts for family and friends.

Needless to say, each of us at Nurtured thinks Toni Desrosiers is the bee’s knees for having developed Abeego.  Toni and Colin stopped in while vacationing in Nova Scotia (and while our beehive window was up). We took the opportunity to ask a few questions to share with you.


Q: Tell me why you were motivated to create Abeego:

T: Abeego started as a personal challenge. I was faced with the question: “How did we store food before the invention of plastic wrap?” I had a strong belief that since food is a natural part of our world, there must be natural materials suitable for food storage. I knew beeswax would be a main ingredient since it had been used for food preservation for hundreds of years, in many cultures around the world. I researched natural water proofing techniques and natural adhesives, then spent the next 3 months in my kitchen, experimenting.

Q: You mentioned sharing the ingredients is something new to the upcoming change in packaging. Can you tell us some of the attributes behind choosing things like pine, jojoba and hemp?

T: I selected each ingredient for Abeego carefully. Hemp fabric is sustainable, anti-fungal and one of the strongest fibers available. Pine resin is naturally antiseptic, it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Jojoba oil has an incredible shelf life and is also anti-fungal. Beeswax, pine resin and jojoba together create the breathable, malleable, slightly adhesive quality of Abeego; together these ingredients are the reason Abeego is effective.

Q: You’ve shown me a few new folds for my Abeego wrap. What are some of your favourite ways to use your products?

T: I love using the smallest Abeego Flat to cover a half eaten cucumber, a half of avocado or any cut veggie for that matter. I generally have 3 varieties of cheese on the go at once and each one is wrapped in Abeego. I always remove the plastic packaging from my cheese the minute I get it home and put it in Abeego. I find basil, cilantro and parsely all last much longer in an Abeego package. I also love taking a pile of fresh vegetables to work in an Abeego Wrap. The red peppers always leave a bit of a stain so I know which wrap is mine! My Abeego Snack is always full of nuts and dried fruit, I generally keep a stash in my bag.

Q: How do I get the longest life out of my Abeego products?

T: Abeego must be washed in COLD water. When Abeego is cold the beeswax hardens and becomes a stable surface. It will repel food and will be less likely to stain. You can wash it in your sink like a plate, gently scrubbing it with a sponge or cloth. Soap can be used and we recommend a gentle soap like Ecover, VIP or Dr. Bronners. Avoid soap with a high alcohol content. If alcohol is listed in the first 5 ingredients it is too harsh for Abeego. If you have only used your Abeego for something like covering a salad bowl, cold water will do the trick. You can expect Abeego to last a year or longer. Often Abeego can last 2 or more years with proper care.

Q: What can we expect to see more of from you?

T: I am excited to get started on some live demos via Skype and also using You Tube videos. I will be including folding demonstrations, washing and rejuvenation instructions. It will be fun to have face to face interaction with people who use Abeego or are interested in Abeego. I visit a lot of local markets and love talking to people. I always learn something new. This project will give me the opportunity to chat with people anywhere in the world. Imagine the things I will learn. Amazing!

Q: And just for fun, what’s your favourite leftover you can’t wait to wrap up with Abeego?

T: One half of a giant watermelon! The other half will be used for this recipe: Scoop half of a cold watermelon and blend it with a few sprigs of fresh mint. Pour into a glass, sit as warm summery spot and enjoy. Try it! It is incredibly refreshing.

Abeego Channel on You Tube

4 thoughts on “Q & A with Abeego

  1. Henry Krieger

    It is so nice to see these Abeego products here. We were at the street market in Victoria, BC, last summer and visited the display where Toni was showing and selling this wonderful product. It is great to see that it has made it all the way to the other end of the country.

  2. Jolyn Post author

    Agreed, Henry! Abeego deserves to be widely shared. We’re heard many people delighted to discover it was available in the Maritimes. We’re glad to show off what Canadian west coast innovators, like Toni, are creating!

  3. Mike Johnston

    I love my Abeego products. I have the snack size and the wraps I ordered from their website and I use them everyday. The product is so creative!

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