A new cover for my carrier = warmth & convenience

  1. Pouring rain
  2. Chilly wind gusts
  3. Sleeting snow

It’s my top three list of inconvenient weather conditions to keeping a baby on the go comfortable & protected from the elements.

A baby, variable weather conditions plus a car seat, carrier or a stroller can equate to investing in a lot of gear.

Rest easy.

The RoSK cold weather pouch is the only cover you’ll need to accomodate travel with your baby outdoors in late fall, winter and early spring here in Canada.

Sweet Potato and I were lucky enough to be testing out a RoSK cover recently during our first nippy storm here in Nova Scotia.

I pulled the base of the cover around his chubby legs and was immediately confident in the wind blocking ability from the quality of the waterproof fabric, as well as the length & width of the shell.  It’s evident this was created by a mom living near an ocean coast.

Bottom to top the cover is thoughtfully detailed.

I lifted the fold down flap around Sweet Potato’s ears and cheeks. When I did this he smiled from the soft & cozy texture against his face.  I slipped my hands into the front kangaroo pocket and we were off for a snug walk in the gusty rain.

The RoSK cover fit my personal Boba and BabyHawk carriers great!  I was also pleased with the cover’s simplicity. Adding an extra layer didn’t add noticeable weight or bulk and the tie-on design truly makes it versatile for switching from carrier to car seat with ease.

*This also excelled for using with back carries by myself.

While waiting to pick Junebug up from school I noticed the cover can stuff into the kangaroo pocket when not in use.  What’s more is the snaps are placed on the outer edges so you could easily attach it to a diaper bag or stroller once inside.

Coast to coast, I hope you like the practicality of the RoSK cover!  Here’s hoping you have the inevitably perfect weather to enjoy it.

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