Spirit of giving

The annual season of giving has past. We hope it left you feeling full of joy and abundantly blessed in your ability to delight another’s spirit.

One day not long ago an online order was placed  with a long note attached explaining it was a gift meant to brighten the day of a child at a local hospital.  We followed up with a phone call to inquire how else we could help.

The behind the scenes role was immensely enjoyed by those of us working that day.  The gifts were boxed up, the box was hand decorated and by the time we were done several of the items were peeking out through the tissue. The box was then finished off with a sheet of kite paper folded into an origami oracle.  The gift giver’s message was tucked inside. Later that day it was dropped off at the nurse’s station for the final transport to the child’s room.

The thank you the family shared with the gift giver was eventually relayed back to us.  Spirits were lifted in their challenging time and their child was enchanted with make believe and play instead of tests and treatments.  What was humbling for us at Nurtured was the gift giver had entrusted us with what was going to the child wasn’t harmful to their environment or a weakened immune system.


In sharing the story recently with another Nurtured customer he marveled at the idea and the potential energy behind it.  “I love it!  How do I buy a package for a rainy day?” he inquired.

I promised I’d take the initiative and begin a formal way to create giving to a child in need of a little brightening.   I thanked Glenn (last name witheld) for partaking in the  season of giving.  To that he responded, “it’s always time to give to children.”  Special thanks to Glenn who has become the first official donor to Nurtured’s first rainy day program.

We at Nurtured love kids and we know that kids sometimes need a little extra sunshine in their lives. We will be focusing our future fundraising efforts on keeping the Rainy Day program alive. A portion of every sale will go towards this fund and we will also be sharing our mission with suppliers and customers alike. Please click here for more details.

While our logo isn’t finished yet it is shaping up to look something like this. Many thanks to our graphic designer, Janet Murphy for creating this in support if the program. She is donating her fees to the cause.


To help kickstart this project and add to Glenn’s generous donation we are doing something special this week. Any toy purchased during our Boxing Week Sale will be cause for a donation by Nurtured to the Rainy Day Box program. Even though your child has probably received toys this Christmas remember that there are birthdays and special occasions coming. Not only do you save money by planning ahead but you are also giving another child an opportunity to smile on a day when they otherwise might not.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. You may just find that by giving to this worthwhile cause that you receive much more than you have ever given.





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