Winter Bloom

In the cold, dead of winter, it’s good to be reminded of the beauty of nature.

I awoke early this morning to the sound of my neighbour shoveling the sidewalks.

I thought of Saturday’s mix of brisk air and sunny skies and was grateful it called my family outdoors to play in the garden before the storm. We watched as Junebug smashed blocks of ice from forgotten flower pots and then poked around the shed for more. I pointed out signs of life to the boys in the form of buds on dormant trees and bushes. I know they didn’t truly share my interest. Junebug and Sweet Potato were simply excited I took out the giant loppers to snip away a few branches.

What they don’t know is I’m hoping to work a little wintertime magic.

In the weeks to come I’ll put a vase of forced magnolias or forsythia branches in the shop. (Fingers crossed for beginner’s luck!)

The local groundhog predicts it will be six more weeks of winter. The snow shoveling continued outside lulling me to sleep like white noise. I thanked God for not only one magnolia tree but two, a fresh supply of Anointment’s shea butter, scrubby herbal clay cleanser and 2013 swimwear order forms.

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