Babywearing = freedom + empowerment

We loved reading these vivid, touching details of babywearing from day 4 of parenting on through 18 months!  Read how this babywearing mama has woven the art of wearing her baby into a journey of parenting with great confidence.

This was written by a fellow Parenting Enthusiast at Nurtured and an organizer of the local HRM babywearing group.   Whitney’s shout out to Nurtured as a local Shop Hop spot was much appreciated of course too!



On day four of my on day four of my daughter’s existence, we planned a day trip to the Public Gardens….

I was sore, bruised and mentally drained, having spent ninety percent of the prior 80 some (or seemingly 8million) hours teaching myself and my daughter how to breastfeed, with some small, but excruciatingly sore success. Yet I knew the sun would do us all some good, so we wrapped that precious little bundle up in a cozy little wrap, and we waddled our way to freedom. Or I guess I should really call it the nearest bus stop.

Then and there, we were hooked. For all the self-doubting I had done, for all the paranoia and anxieties I had as a new mother, holding my baby close was something I was certain felt right. There was a sense of empowerment and pride in wearing her, as I was able to prove to myself, above all others that I was going to make this work. That I could slowly incorporate bits of normal life back into my routine, and that we could all cope with the adjustments.

She was cozy and content. I was ecstatic. Later in the day, my partner and I both found ourselves peed, pooped and spit upon, while taking turns wearing her through the Gardens, but the overall feeling of success of that day could never be touched.
For me, baby wearing is my expression of who I am. It is my art.


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