Look at Me Now! a board book for children

LookatMeNow   At Nurtured we truly feel a book is a toy and a great toy is a book.

“All by myself” is the proud statement that comes to mind of a toddler recognizing his new skill set in “Look at Me Now!“.

From getting dressed to climbing the stairs, it’s charming to see this stage reinforced so sweetly.   Look at Me Now! shines with an extra quality as a board book.  Toddlers will be encouraged to pick it up and open it all on their own as a form of curiosity, playtime and an invite to language development.

Parents and caregivers are enjoying the bouncy text with its celebratory beat and charming illustrations that characterize realistic childhood backdrops.

We’re thrilled local authors, Carol McDougall and Shanda LaRamee-Jones, have recently created this 4th book in a series of early childhood development reads.

Ever in tune with the Read To Me! program through the IWK hospital, McDougall and LaRamee-Jones are behind the top picks for those yellow hospital goody bags and promoting early literacy.  They’re also keenly aware of gaps within the represented market of children’s books.  For answering this and the invitation to engage your child in a book, we certainly applaud the duo.

This series has certainly been reflective of our inspiring local families. In fact, it’s a little known fact many of our customers (and even Nurtured toys) have been involved with the role call for family lifestyle shots in the preceding books to Look at Me Now!. What a curious thing it is to see the pair share their text with an illustrator! Carmine Mok’s illustrations are beautiful and playful.

You’re invited to the free storytime, snacktime and celebration of this new book Saturday, November 22nd, 2014.

Pick up a signed copy in shop!

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