Onederful Diaper by Happy Heiny’s


North American Made Diaper- Check!

We take great pride in the diaper companies we partner with at Nurtured. Nurtured has represented Happy Heiny’s for nearly a decade. Our favourite hemp postpartum pads simply can’t be beat. The ultra soft materials they select from diapers to menstrual care always impress the end user. What’s more is Happy Heiny’s takes pride in manufacturing in the United States. They also give the utmost care in who and how they employ families to turn out their high quality products. Mothers are encouraged to work from home or bring their kids to work.

What we love about Happy Heiny’s Onederful: This organic hemp/cotton blend all in one diaper fits from birth to potty learning. The entirety of the diaper interior is covered in their ultra soft organic material. This is the most adjustable one size diaper we have ever seen. Snap settings for rise adjust not only in the front of the diaper but also the back. Note, this diaper is available in a cotton blend for a few dollars less than the organic option. In my opinion, the organic diaper price point is a great value for the quality and extra absorbency you’ll use.

Who is it great for? The family that doesn’t have time to search for inserts yet still wants an organic diaper in one step.

After all, if you’ve attended our cloth diaper workshops you know hemp is king for absorbency.

Happy Heiny’s fit a tall or chunky baby remarkably well.

Even heavy wetters can have long car rides or extra sleep time in this diaper.

Why should you add Happy Heiny’s Onederful diapers to your diapering stash? It keeps things simple and accessible at all stages for all users. You might find you won’t bother reaching for a fitted and wool cover at night time! It’s wonderful, er, onederful.

What questions do you have about an all in one or organic diaper?

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