bumGenius 4.0


A pocket diaper has a folklore tale surrounding it that says cloth diapering was revolutionized by it’s creation.

Pocket diapers keep baby’s skin dry while absorbency inside the pocket pulls away wetness. Entering the market at a time our culture was seeking reusable alternatives for every lifestyle, pocket diapers helped put cloth diapering on trend once again.

What we love about bumGenius 4.0 pocket diaper?

The 4.0 added an invite: you like disposables vs cloth? Try this. The butterfly close by Cotton Babies has a stretchy tab to pull across the baby’s body to then fasten with hook and loop (velcro) or snap. One size, easy to use and great fitting.

Velcro lovers unite: it was announced the 4.0’s hook and loop is discontinued.

As are these great colours (in both hook and loop and snap): Clementine, Dazzle, Moonbeam, Noodle and Twilight

Check with your local independent cloth diaper retailer or Nurtured.ca for stock.

Who is it great for:

I firmly believe a parent making the switch from disposables is going to love these. The ability to “stuff” the pocket of the diaper with the precise amount of absorbency is satisfying. No more leaking through diapers.

The 4.0 is also a:

“This diaper saved my cloth diaper relationship. The fit really was genius. My son had outgrown everything else.”

“My 3 children all used these diapers.”

Why should you add 4.0 diapers to your diapering stash?

Some will say cute patterns and supporting an American-manufactured diaper.
Where I focus is the quality and consistency that Cotton Babies creates in their 4.0 makes this paramount to other diapers.

What questions do you have about a pocket diaper?

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