Canadian-made Peachy Baby All in Two Diaper


Peachy Baby Diaper is a Canadian-made diaper from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Always Buy Canadian Diapers = Check!

What we love about Peachy Baby: The ability to build absorbency with a trim bamboo blend insert plus a cover that truly fits from 6 to 40 lbs.

Who is it great for: Every baby.
Ok, Ok. Considering it is a one-size cover, it is an excellent fit right away on a tiny 6 pound baby. Also of note, is the cover’s fleece lining protects the most delicate skin from chafing around legs as baby starts being on the move.

Why should you add Peachy Baby to your diapering stash: Quality in fit and function, fun colours and life-time warrantied snaps.

What questions do you have about this All in Two diaper?

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