Cute Canadian Made Fitted Diapers by Bummis

bummis flannel fitted dotw

We first met the flannel fitted diaper in 2014. Thanks to Bummis, parents and caregivers are taking a second look at fitteds for more than just nighttime. We think you should too! This trim one-size (10-35lbs) diaper can accommodate a wide variety of covers and fit.

Always Buy Canadian-Made Diapers = Check!

What we love about Flannel Fitteds: The picture above really shows it. Look at the ultra soft and luxurious organic cotton sherpa lining and adorable outer. We’re lucky to have a selection of these cuties on our shelf.

Who is it great for: Babies from 10-35lbs. Movers. There is nothing like a fitted keeping it all in. This diaper is also great for Fans of hockey, chevron, and general lovers of fairies and other cute patterns.

Why should you add Flannel Fitteds by Bummis to your diapering stash: You’re curious about fitted diapers or how to handle leaks. Add in a duo-booster plus a reusable cover and your life will feel forever changed (at least in the diapering realm).

What questions do you have about a fitted diaper?

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