#NurturedHacks – Surprising Uses for Baby Powder


Meet NurturedHacks’ dry shampoo:


Moms News Daily recently wrote on average mothers of young children shower 1.2 times per week.
This post garnered incredibly honest and thought provoking feedback across social media even in an audience like Honest Toddler where laughter is a good dose of sanity.

As far as touting a grunge lifestyle, studies have shown it’s actually good not to over wash; so embrace it in the moment. But, for appearances, we suggest borrowing from the change pad by reaching for baby’s talc free baby powder.

Our Anointment talc-free baby powder lets your roots spring back to life with a quick application in your hair.

(Thanks to Agricola Street hair salon, Foxy Moon, for the cocoa powder mention!)

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Why Talc-Free?
Tiny particles of talcum powder can be inhaled and irritate the respiratory system.

What else can I use Anointment’s talc-free baby powder?
-Healing Diaper Rash
-Heat rash
-Removing Sand – great for an after the beach refresher!

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