Wishes for the new year

anewyearblogpostThis letter is for you.

Maybe our store windows are a backdrop to your parenting experience.

Perhaps you’ve moved away like Kim from the wonder and beauty of the Maritimes.

We thank you for keeping on with a nurtured life by shopping with us when in Halifax and online  for the best in natural parenting.  

You are welcome to read this letter as an inside scoop and reflection of all that is Nurtured.

Dear Kim,

Sending you all the wishes off the swells of “Happy New Year” accumulating aplenty this third week of January. We have been awaiting 2016 with great anticipation- Nurtured turns 10 this year!

I hope your romp into the new year was made complete with clanging tambourines at some point.  We all had a good laugh with a certain Honest Toddler new year tweet.


Cheers to all the laughter this year provides us as parents.

I am so proud of how you have been stretched and grown into the role of bringing up your lovely children.  Updates are always welcome. Hope you’ve caught the #NurturedKid hashtag we began using. It’s incredibly cute.

Greetings from a snowy Halifax, and a view of the brightly painted sister houses. You should have seen how over the holiday Smith’s bakery replicated our shop view exactly in gingerbread and icing over the holiday. Tourists certainly love to take a photo of this street. Instead, it was the gingerbread house. 366 days! (1)

My letter today comes with the backdrop of the sound of a tap, tap, tap of construction up top the Agricola Street Brasserie.  Patio season is in thought! For now, the livelihood is a regular flurry of snowsuit clad kids and parents walking from the Oval to Nurtured to replace lost mittens with stay put mimiTENS mittens.  Warming us up this winter, we’ll kick off Friday mornings again with February’s Music with Babies classes. Nothing beats starting a Friday with music. There is so much on the horizon. I look forward to how our selection of classes matches the growth of the families we are blessed to meet this year ahead.

The first prenatal childbirth education class happens in the coming day and several others are finishing booking through the fall. Our workshop room is such a nurturing part we couldn’t have ever foreseen when Nurtured began 10 years ago.  I am ever thankful for how the shop and the community have continued to grow and am thrilled  to celebrate this 10 year mark.

We’re kicking off the extraordinary year with a monthly giveaway!  Naturally, something for pregnancy and/or babywearing will be the first: A Canadian made Kokoala panel. (Stay tuned!)


A great assortment will be up for grabs in the months ahead of pregnancy, babywearing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, eco-friendly mealtime, organic bedding and of course, our natural skincare and toys to delight a child and their many friends (both big and little).

I hope you have an ounce of every day set for making memories this year. I’m wishing you health to enjoy adventuring outside each and every day.

I’m sending along the new A for Adventure book that I know your children would love. Make sure you find the authors’ behind the scenes videos in the making of the book.adventurebook

If only the rest of the store would also fit in a flat mail envelope! I know one of the fagus trucks that currently line the window would make your boys smile.  (wink, wink) Come visit!

May all 366 days of your year begin with enthusiasm and a melody in tune with how a toddler greets the morning. Just think how much the kids will grow after the 366 days of 2016!

Love for the role of parenthood and much encouragement sent your way.


366 days!

One thought on “Wishes for the new year

  1. Kim

    Thanks Jolyn! Always great to hear from you. I think about you, Eric, your boys, the store, and the AWESOME COMMUNITY of moms I left behind. Happy 10 years! What a milestone! Wish I could be there to celebrate! Miss you lots!!!

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