Kokoala Coat Extension

January giveaway

If there’s one thing that parents of today have advantage over, it’s innovative products. Lucky for you, the Canadian-made Kokoala zip-in coat extension panel is one such product and the first of our 10 year anniversary giveaways for 2016. Kokoala is an innovative saving grace for both expectant mothers and babywearing parents.

I have a real soft spot for the winter pregnancy.
I have not forgotten about the brand new winter coat I had bought early that fall just prior to learning I was expecting. I hardly wore the coat. It simply would not fit over my growing belly by the end of January.

Enter the Kokoala.

This genius design matches up with your pre-pregnancy coat to cover your belly or wear with your baby in a carrier.

Kokoala’s panel selection stands apart as the best on the market for the clever tailoring, superior materials and unique zipper match-up (without excess fabric). The unisex design makes it equally clever for both mom and dad when babywearing. Just a quick change of zipper allows you to switch it over to spring, fall and/or rain jackets.
A great range of accessories and continued innovation on their original design make this a win.

Grab the panel, match the zipper to your coat and voilà, you have the extra inches you need to keep wearing your pre-pregnancy coats and jackets. Designed and made in Montreal.

Take a minute to identify which zipper matches your coat and leave this code in the comments section.

This contest is now closed.

46 thoughts on “Kokoala Coat Extension

    1. Jolyn Post author

      Thanks for entering, Linda. If you look at the back of the zipper do you see a number an a letter? If so, leave it here.

  1. Sarah Waugh

    My coat is 5CWWL, love that you can just switch out zippers as your coat changes for the season!

  2. Sophie Landriault

    I believe my zipper is Vision YYK (M coat brand); this insert is amazing and I would love to win one for our growing family!

  3. Allison O'Connor

    The above steps say my coat is 5VSW, but on the actual zipper it says 5VSG….shrug..
    Either way, would love to win this extension to keep my 6 mo warm 🙂

  4. shannon

    5VSWW 34″ would be the code for my coat! I would be so happy to win this☺☺☺☺ thanks for the chance!

    1. Jolyn Post author

      Congratulations, Allison! You’ve won our Kokoala giveaway. We’re incredibly happy for you and hope you find much use out of the Kokoala this winter and years to come. Please contact the store to confirm you have won and claim your prize.

  5. Melanie Delaney

    The zipper code for my coat is 5VSWW-34″. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a great product😊

  6. Amanda Golding

    My coat is M5WW 34′ I love wearing my baby, this extension would keep us both cozy and warm!

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