10 years of Nurtured Products for Parenting

anniversary2What a blast it was to celebrate 10 years of Nurtured Products for Parenting with so many of you in Halifax.  We could not have anticipated the number who came out to mark the day in style.

To set the record straight, yes, Smith’s Bakery cake qualifies as breakfast but only on special anniversaries.

If the first decade of Nurtured were to etch a lesson on our chalkboard door, it would tell us our to-do lists will always be never-ending!  The day of our 10th anniversary was no different.  When we walked into the store that morning, there was a flood in our entry way. As with all little hiccups through the years, we push forward toward the greater good of nurturing those that come through our door (or shop with us over the phone, or visit us online!).  It’s quite a detour when things like tiny floods happen, but thankfully it was nothing that a few prefolds, mop and bucket couldn’t fix.

Somehow Parkinson’s law allowed us to squeeze in staff training with our Clek rep and the goody bags received their finishing touches before the doors opened. The ‘law’ says “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion,” and we completed our carseat training brush up as dozens of customers began lining up around the block for Nurtured’s special day.

It goes without saying how special it was to have April from Anointment (the original NurturedMom for you newbies) in town for the special day.  It had been 5 years since April and I shared the floor during shop hours.  April certainly still knows some of the finer points, like just when to offer a basket to shoppers.  She will never lose her spark for wanting to help customers & greeting everyone with a big smile. The day was doubly special as it was also her son’s birthday! I made sure to send her home with a special gift of Tegu for the birthday boy.

We joked later about the number of times these special days and events blend together. It seemed like April was just opening the shop on Robie Street on that same son’s birthday just yesterday.  The day had a cohesive, full-circle feeling. This year we had (no surprise) someone on staff expecting a baby and in fact, Heather, worked her last shift before maternity leave on our anniversary.  (Send her good vibes! She’s due soon.) Thank you for supporting our store, but really our families by shopping at Nurtured. We are so lucky to be a part of your community past, present and future. – Jolyn



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