Kid friendly sunscreen in Halifax

nurturedsunsafetyewg_blogCongrats to the top rated kid’s sunscreens making the coveted Environmental Working Group’s 2016 list!

Twenty-two sunscreen lotions made this year’s list and we’re so proud all of our options at Nurtured made the grade.

Do keep in mind the following 6 tips as EWG’s recommendation is that sunscreen is the last resort for a healthy balance in sun protection.

With a little planning you’ll be all set for enjoying all this outdoor time Canada earns such a great reputation for.

  1. Wear clothing
  2. Find shade
  3. Plan around the sun
  4. Don’t get burned
  5. Sunglasses are a must
  6. Check UV index

Both active and inactive ingredients are taken into consideration by the EWG rating.

In baby and children’s sunscreen look for Zinc as your only acting ingredient and steer clear of Oxybenzoane, a chemical filter that can cause allergic skin reactions, may disrupt hormones or even affect developing fetuses. From The EWG website; “Two European studies have detected oxybenzone and other sunscreen filters in mothers’ milk, indicating that the developing fetus and newborns may be exposed…. A 2010 study of Swiss mothers by Margaret Schlumpf of the University of Zurich found at least one sunscreen chemical in 85 percent of milk samples.” More on this can be found at:

Don’t forget to check out all our sun safety products at Nurtured for your growing family! (Sun hats, swim suits, swim tops and even carriers like the Beco Cool are rated for excellent sun safety.) Enjoy that good ol’ Vitamin D!


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