The one thing you need in your nursery

monte_blog_nursery“This. I need this.”

What a little slice of heaven sitting in a good, supportive chair is. The comment above came after one of my shoppers collapsed into the Monte Design Joya Rocker, a customer favourite here at the shop.

On average, nursing moms will spend over one thousand hours breastfeeding in the first year — not to mention the magnitude of moments holding, rocking and reading to your child. If there is one piece of sage wisdom imparted to me from breastfeeding support that I always pass along, it is to make yourself a “nest” at home. Doing this will allow you to be your best, most rested self during your magnitude of snuggling and feeding hours.

A well designed rocker is your best starting point for, in essence, a nesting venture.

I was at lunch recently with a friend who has had a Monte chair long before we brought them to Nurtured. She shared how much appreciation she has for Monte – “It’s the only piece of furniture I still have from when my child was a baby,” she gushed. “I love it. I literally spent hours in it. It was like a centrepiece of my nest.”

Earlier this year we had the sheer joy of visiting the Monte Design office and factory. How lucky I was to be able to join Eric (aka “NurturedDad”) on this trip. He is always raving about the company’s manufacturing and design options, plus their basketball court on the factory floor. For a guy who has bought hundreds and thousands of pieces of hotel furniture, it means a lot when he expresses so much enthusiasm while selecting Monte rockers and gliders for Nurtured.

Eric, mind you, is able to pick out a piece of furniture in a heartbeat whereas I’m one for taking all the measurements — seeing where my feet land, how my lower, upper and middle back and hips feel, where my elbows and forearms rest.  After all, and perhaps I’ve emphasized it already, the time you will spend nursing or feeding, rocking your child, reading story after story [on repeat] should be replenishing and enjoyable. 

Design-driven with superior quality and comfort is the Monte difference. Here’s a lineup of the Monte selection:

monte_3chairsJoya Rocker – Iconic in design, modern, contemporary and soothing. Ottoman available.

Como Glider – Sink in to this soft and sumptuous beautifully tailored chair that features removable and washable coverings. Ottoman available.

Grano Recliner – A modern streamlined recliner and rocker in one. (My personal favourite.)

monte_4chairsJackson Rocker –  Discerning in design and superior comfort this chair will cradle your body with a high back and a gentle rock.

Luca Glider – Simple lines with exceptional comfort; this chair has all the original ergonomics that Monte is recognized for.

Vola Glider – A signature statement piece with curves that will reflect your luxe sense of style as you rest your head.

Grazia Glider – A roomy glider yet with a rounded high back on a swiveling and gliding base.

It’s clear that parents are the true inspiration behind each chair in the Monte Glider & Rocker Collection. They are among the most beautiful and modern looking along with exceptionally comfortable on the market because that was exactly where Monte was born when the owner and his wife were expecting.

Ergonomic arm height combines with an incredibly thoughtful back design while lounging or snuggling and nourishing your baby.  You’ll take note there is a Monte standard of an included lumbar support pillow included with every chair. May it lend a lift to a heavy arm weighted down by baby’s sleeping head or your aching back or your very own heavy head. Bonus points always add up to Monte’s design details where they somehow manage feet can touch the floor (and/or reach to a cozy ottoman). I can’t convey enough how lovely this is.

monte_luca_detailsAfter a walk through the Ontario factory,  I saw firsthand why Eric’s enthusiasm for Monte shines. Let me tell you it goes beyond the fist bumps he has with the familiar smiling faces in the factory as they greet each other like besties.  I’m one for details. Do feel free to waive me away if I start to say how awesome their water based glue, strength in basket weaving or wire gauging and emphasis on only choosing flame retardant free fabrics and foam is top of their musts, (and definitely waive Eric away if he talks about making a 3-pointer from behind the line). You are welcome to block anyone else’s opinion out and savour the “ahh” in it’s simplest and most euphoric of relaxation as you daydream holding your child.  Afterall, it’s incredibly nice to find that piece of furniture for your life. We’ll chime back in only after you “ooh” over customizing your piece of furniture to match the nursery or living room. 

Do visit our Agricola Street Halifax store to catch our excitement (and concoct your own) for the hand-crafted quality of Monte that simply can’t be beat. From the finishing touches of true Canadian craftsmanship to everywhere in between Monte will give you the top of the line quality, durability and style you need long past the baby years.  

See you soon.


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