Expectant Parent Prize Pack Giveaway

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If you or your friends are expecting, head on over to our Facebook page for a chance at winning a great prize pack.

Lassig Messenger Bag –  great design coupled with functionality, the Lassig Messenger bag features a large compartment and thoughtfully placed compartments and pockets, includes a change mat, an insulated bottle holder and hooks that fit all strollers. Part of the Green Label (100% pollutant free materials). Measures 36 x 16 x 28 centimetres.

Padraig Women’s Slippers – Handmade on the west coast of Canada Padraigs are a wonderful cozy slipper for every member of the family. Moms will love treating their feet to the cushiony soft sole of sheepskin and hand crocheted breathable wool upper. Available in sizes that fit ladies’ shoe sizes 5 1/2 and up.

Padraig Newborn Slippers – This is the one item that NurturedMom shares she couldn’t leave the hospital without her newborn wearing. Socks fall off and leave chilly feet behind. The sweet woolly goodness is perfect year round and one of the only shoes that truly stays put.

Baby Paper – Answering the question how to keep baby entertained with an item they want but not ending up with paper bits in their mouth, baby paper was born. Crinkle it to watch your newborn respond to the noise, then safely and confidently let them explore it as they grow, first learning to reach and then grasp and even bring it to their mouth. It’s a favourite toy parents return to buy again and again.

Chewbeads Jane Necklace – Necklaces are a great tool to help babies focus while feeding.  Made from 100% BPA-, lead-, cadmium- and phthalate-free silicone the beads on Chewbeads necklaces are soft on gums and emerging teeth plus easy to clean (even dishwasher safe!).

This prize wouldn’t be available without the sponsorship of Insception Lifebank. In Atlantic Canada we’re not as central to learning the benefits of cord blood banking as the rest of Canada. Learn more about Canada’s number one cord blood and tissue bank while you’re still expecting.  We’re incredibly proud to partner with Insception as a scientific partner and enjoy hearing the lifechanging benefits cord blood tissue can be used for.

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