Let’s Party: Why We Love Nurtured’s Pregnancy Party

Curious what our Pregnancy Party is all about?  Two of last year’s attendees are not only sisters but also bloggers at heart. Read below to see what they loved, what they bought and what they had to share!


This blog post originally appeared on www.jacandlinds.com Thanks for the Pregnancy Party love, Jacqueline and Lindsay!

When we found out we were pregnant (within weeks of one another), we quickly realized we were entering an unknown world. All of a sudden, our minds were consumed with questions like: What items will I need within the first few weeks of giving birth? What’s the deal with babywearing? And what on earth is an Ubbi? Once that stripe turned pink, we had nine months (and two weeks) to jump into this new world and try to figure out what works best for us.

When we first walked into Nurtured, we immediately felt like the store was giving us a great big hug. We know that sounds cheesy, and yes, we were slightly nauseous and overly fatigued at the time, but there was just something about this baby oasis, located in the north end of Halifax, that had us talking to the staff for over an hour about all things baby- and pregnancy-related. During that conversation, we also found out about their annual Pregnancy Party. That’s right, they throw you a party for being pregnant, and there are no awkward ‘guess what’s in the diaper’ or ‘don’t say the word baby’ games (thank God!). Needless to say, we bought our tickets immediately and circled the date on our calendars.

What to expect

For this festive affair, the Nurtured staff puts together a super team of experts and wellness gurus, ranging in everything from naturopathic and chiropractic care to a massage therapist to give expectant mommas a little rest and relaxation. A certified babywearing educator will show you how to turn a piece of cloth into a hands-free holder (still blows our minds!) and a party isn’t a party without drinks and nibbles! Couples will float from station to station and the goal is to leave the party feeling well informed and a little more prepared for this next crazy/amazing chapter of life!


Did someone say discount?

While we loved the many helpful tips provided by local experts, we must admit that the fantastic giveaways and exclusive party discounts didn’t hurt either! We have two of the items that will be on special for this year’s party. Besides the cute names, the Ubbi diaper pail and Peanut Changer by Keekaroo have become an important part of our daily routine and we can’t imagine changing a diaper without them! The Ubbi is fashionable yet functional and comes in a kaleidoscope of colours (not to mention it masks those dirty diaper smells like a boss). The Peanut, also available in multiple colours, is a sleek alternative to the traditional change pad. Its water-resistant material makes cleaning a breeze and it can easily be transported from room to room.

Shop ‘til you drop

By the end of the evening, our cars were bursting with amazing products (a lot of which were snagged at discounted prices!), that we not only knew would keep our babies safe, but because of the product experts on-hand, we actually knew how to use them!

Besides looking fabulous on a Sunday stroll, the Guzzie + Guss Connect stroller is easy to collapse, has an adjustable handle and seat for forward or face-to-face positions and its extendable canopy with ventilation provides serious sun coverage. We were so excited about this purchase that we were tempted to take it for a spin around the block before our baby girl was born.

jacandlinds_ubbiAnother Guzzie + Guss favourite (did we mention this is a Canadian company?) is the super sleek Perch highchair. This floating phenomenon takes up little space, hooks directly onto the table and closes up into a tidy carry bag for on-the-go dining. How cool is that?

There are certain items you want to make sure you absolutely love when shopping for baby gear. Items that will be complete game-changers and just make you say, ‘yyyaaassss’. The Baby Knightly Everston Glider Recliner (say that five times fast) is one of those items. As soon as we sat down in this chair, we knew we had to have it. We were ready for a nap as soon as our somewhat swollen feet were propped up by its leg rest on the Nurtured retail floor. Word on the street is that the Knightly glider has a new sister chair featuring a tufted back that is just as cozy as its counterpart. (Are two chairs in one nursery over the top? We’re asking for a friend.)

And what’s a party without a goodie bag? Each couple will leave with the infamous Nurtured swag bag, full of fun and useful items for mommas-to-be and their babes. Three cheers for free stuff!

The bottom line is, if you’re expecting, this is a not-to-be-missed event. This year’s shindig is slated for Sunday, February 25 at 5:30 p.m. at Nurtured’s retail store, located at 2543 Agricola Street in Halifax. To snag your tickets, click HERE. We know you’ll have a blast!

Click HERE to see more of Nurtured’s products and to check out other upcoming events.

*Unless otherwise stated, all images by Craig Flinn.

*This blog post is sponsored by Nurtured Products for Parenting. All opinions expressed are the bloggers own.

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