Airline Travel with CARES harness

We travelled often when we first became parents. I wish I had known about the CARES harness earlier on.

It was 2008 when I awkwardly tried to explain why I wanted to put my child’s car seat on a plane. The flight attendant at that point in time looked confused. Plus the narrow seat on that international plane was never going to fit the car seat I intended to use. There began my search for something better. We had so many more trips planned. – NurturedMom, Jolyn

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and safety advocates have long recommended a child under 40lbs be secured in an aircraft. Using the lap belt on an airplane alone just isn’t adequate and in my scenario above, using a car seat was tricky.
Though many more international airplanes are better at accommodating a car seat onboard there is an alternate option for children over the age of 1 between 22lbs-44lbs: It’s the CARES HARNESS. You can find it on the Nurtured website here.
Using a CARES harness was a game changer! It packed small and was easy to use. I simply slipped it over the seatback (you will want to initially put the tray table behind you down just to tighten the buckle appropriately) and it was set to slide the lap buckle through. An easy to adjust shoulder harness made the CARES harness fit appropriately to my child’s body. He stayed put the whole next flight. I also love that directions are printed directly on the harness system. – Karen, Halifax
Fast forward a full decade and this belt and buckle device I first used with a 2 year old, the CARES harness, is even more readily accepted; plus flight attendants are happy to see you’ve done some research on securing your child in his/her own seat.
“CARES is the first and only harness type Aviation Child Safety Device to be certified by the FAA as an alternative to a car seat.
What’s more is that CARES is created and manufactured by the foremost manufacturer of aviation seat belts. Same industrial safe webbing and engineering to the highest standards.
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