Giving Back #12NurturedActs

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Many of you know that Nurtured is celebrating 12 years of business this month.

I have been part of Nurtured since early 2011. These years have allowed me to not only celebrate much life and growth but also hear stories from all different walks of life.

There are many people that Nurtured Dad and I have come in contact with that are truly nurturing the community we live in on a daily basis – often without very much praise. Some are individuals while others are groups. No matter how you look at it, these are some of the unsung heroes in our community that make the world a better place. In a time of crazy world events and a feeling of almost wanting to shut out news, these are stories that remind us of the good in the world and call on us as good ol’ Fred Rogers said, to look for the helpers. As a celebration of 12 years of Nurtured we decided we would create #12NurturedActs and start a movement for every year we’ve been in business.

So we set out to contact organizations within the community to learn who has made a significant difference to them. We’ve been in touch with some pretty neat people that were awesome at sleuthing all the behind the scenes details.

Our aim was to thank people via products that we carry or have access to for stretching our giving dollars with. While we do offer some items that many people enjoy , you can understand we are pretty much a store for parents, babies and kids! So with that in mind, we also contacted local businesses in our North End community to see if they would help us when we learned someone might enjoy something that we couldn’t otherwise provide. All of them were more than happy to be a part of our initiative by extending discounts or even offering services at no charge.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Natasha Touesnard. Her story of overcoming addiction and giving back to our community is incredibly inspiring.
It is a pleasure to share our first of #12NurturedActs. It is Natasha’s own personal experience that is now aiding others through her courageous sharing of her story, her advocacy in helping others curb addiction as well as moving doctors and communities toward developing harm reduction policies. Thank you, Adsum for Women and Children, for naming Natasha for her growth, daily work and advocacy to fight stigma in order to learn more about what can be done to create a healthy community.
Being wrapped up in the stories and the kind conversation that encompasses Natasha was a little overwhelming for me (as you can see in the video). It is awe inspiring when you have the chance to meet someone that has overcome significant challenge continuing everyday to turn that experience into something positive.
A special shout out goes to Jenny Zinck at Uptown Spa & Salon in the Hydrostone. She was super great helping us put together a visit for Natasha and went so far as to give us some of the services for free!
Have a look at the video from yesterday and keep these people that Nurtured others in your thoughts!

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