5 Back to School Litterless Lunch Gear Must Haves

backtoschool_nurtured2018It’s nearing back to school season and that blessed time for packing lunches is calling. Do you have the lunch gear you need? Be Nurtured by exploring how to meet your growing child’s needs with these 5 back to school litterless lunch must haves.

If you’re researching what lunch gear will create a system of organization, yummy presentation and tasteful preservation look no further. Our shop selection is well thought out. Items are chosen for their durability, kid friendly open and close lids and materials you can trust. You simply provide the delicious.

  1. Bento System Lunchbox – Several well known (and warranty covered!) lunchbox sets have us all heart eyed, Yumbox and Bentgo namely. Choosing just the right number of compartments and selecting a fun colour is a breeze.  If it seems daunting, we have lots of experience helping parents navigate the start of school. So if you can make it in know we’ll tell you how clever you are for even bringing in your child’s current lunch bag or backpack if you’re concerned for fit.   Shop BENTGO HERE Shop YUMBOX HERE.
  1. Insulated Lunch Bag – Already a mainstay of our Nurtured Mealtime selection, the So Young lunch bag features a double lining interior for easy clean up and it’s machine washable. Attachable messenger bag strap plus new options like a YUMBOX collaboration (read: taller) or monochrome Wee Gallery designs make this linen insulated lunch bag well thought out and beautifully cute. 
  1. Reusable Ice Pack – A Stainless steel ice pack to be precise! Filled with just distilled water this sleek rectangle is always ready to keep lunch cool and hardly takes up any room. This Canadian mom design is brilliant, will never leak nor leave you wondering what goop exactly is able to be frozen over and over again and again. reusable ice pack
  1. Condiment Container – Small enough to fit into a bento box, this little twist top condiment container is easy to open and close – just a twist rather than a pull –  plus the lid is lined with silicone so there’s no surprises. Fill it with hummus, ketchup, yogurt dip, butter spread, the list goes on! We’ve heard so many yummy uses.
  1. Snack Bags – Reusable, washable, and zippered close Canadian made Colibri snack bags have the coolest designs plus come in handy for car snacks, after school snacks and the just-in-case-you-eat-everything-in-your-bento-box back up. Try the large size for a sandwich or a bunch of grapes still on the stem. Use small ones for tiny crackers, mini muffins, carrots or whatever keeps your little snacker reaching for more. 

Local sources for more inspiration:

If you haven’t been following the Bite Sized Kitchen blog yet from Claire Gallant it’s a must.  This local mom and chef has two growing kids and teaches children how to cook. Be sure to catch her upcoming back to school snack cooking class at the Seaport Market as well as one more giveaway collaboration this month.  

Also, it’s an excellent time of year to get to know Wendy McCallum of Simple Balance. Join one of her Facebook groups HERE and follow along with her Nutrition Consulting

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