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You deserve the best sleep. Let Obasan  and Nurtured help that happen. Nurtured is honoured to offer the Obasan customized sleep experience in our Agricola Street store. Customize your bed to sleep well and live well today.

At Nurtured, we have long believed organic mattresses are essential for health and wellness. Naturally, we began with a quest to offer organic handcrafted mattresses you could trust for your baby. Our move to Agricola Street in 2014 made room to satisfy a curated selection of Nurtured home items. Providing organic mattresses for the whole family was first and foremost to our plan. Obasan mattresses matched our high standards, making this a perfect partnership.

Obasan’s twenty year warranty and use of only the highest grade of organic materials speaks to customer requests for a high-quality, healthy sleep experience. We work with each customer to craft a customized mattress with comfort zones for each sleeper. The best sleep of your life awaits!

Want to know more? I came across this article published in a local Ottawa magazine during my visit to the Obasan showroom and factory.  It’s shared here with permission. Hope it furthers your personal search for discovering a great night’s sleep (in just the right amount of words).

Stop tossing and turning on a one-size-fits-all mattress. 

You can have a bed that is personalized to your body and your needs as well as your partner’s individual needs.

Obasan is a family owned Ottawa-based company that handcrafts high quality, luxurious organic mattresses tailored to both people who share the bed. Visit the sleep loft at Nurtured to customize your sleep experience.
Top to bottom and side to side, Obasan mattresses are customizable based on the height, weight and predominant sleep position of you and your partner. Whatever the differences are in your body types and sleep preferences, each of you can rest comfortably, sleep deeply and wake up refreshed. 
At the end of the day when it’s time to nod off again, you can stretch out or curl up on a mattress that’s ideal for your shape, supporting your spine and eliminating pressure points from your head right to your toes. Then as the years go by and your sleep requirements shift, for instance due to a back condition, your mattress can change along with you. Since Obasan’s core layers are interchangeable pieces, you can adjust them to ensure the best sleep no matter what. You’ll feel the difference – night and day. 

Exceptional Quality and Craftmanship

It’s all about quality and craftsmanship. The finest organic materials from around the world are used to handcraft every luxurious Obasan mattress, comforter, and pillow. 

Peruvian organic cotton is sourced from the foothills of the Andes. It is harvested by hand to keep it pure and adhere to strict GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standards) certification. The result is cotton that is chemical-free, breathable and ultra comfortable. Carefully selected organic Argentinian wool comes from sheep in a remote region where no chemicals or pesticides have ever been used. Not only is the end result perfect for insulation and sleeping ease, it’s also naturally flame retardant. 

For the core of Obasan mattresses, the finest Sri Lankan organic rubber is used. It’s naturally anti-bacterial and dust-mite resistant and its durability, elasticity and retention of shape are exceptional. You’ll appreciate the outstanding heat and moisture regulation and air circulation. 

Finally, the foundation of every Obasan mattress is renewable Canadian wood that’s certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). A blend of spruce and poplar is used that’s remarkably lightweight, durable, strong and anti-microbial. It’s an eco-friendly choice for your health, while also offering superior support for a great night’s sleep.

Always, you’ll sleep better knowing your mattress is free of harmful chemicals, including synthetics, polyurethanes, polyester and chemical flame retardants. There’s no need to worry about off gassing. 

At the same time,  you don’t have to sacrifice luxury or comfort when you’re making the effort to improve your health and your life by choosing organic products. Obasan thinks of all these things so you don’t have to.

There are many benefits that distinguish an Obasan organic mattress from a conventional brand. However, the excellence of materials used to handcraft mattress and the custom design of your personal experience truly set Obasan apart as the very best mattress for the uninterrupted sleep you deserve and need. 

Sleep plays a vital role in your health, wellness and quality of life. Not only does it impact your mood and your ability to function, it’s also a major factor in physical welfare, everyday performance and safety.

It’s worth spending a little more for a luxurious, comfortable Obasan product that’s handcrafted, made in Canada and of superb quality. You know it’s going to last and you’re getting an exceptional mattress that’s made for each of you. After all, compromising isn’t an option when it comes to sleeping and living well.

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