Dead Bra Days Sale

Pregnant and Nursing women living in or around Halifax are invited to have Dead Bra Day, our third annual event to benefit you and Adsum for Women and Children.

Our event contains two parts:

    1. Collecting donations for local shelter, Adsum for Women and Children. Bring in freshly washed, new or gently worn pyjamas, slippers, socks, bras and new underwear. We think October is a great time to change up what no longer serves you and spirit these items away to enjoy a new life.
    2. Receive 20% off our selection of maternity and nursing wear and discover the benefit to well constructed, ideal fitting pieces during your pregnancy and nursing years.

Finding a well fitting bra during these years of early motherhood is important for many reasons.  Make it a time you can truly appreciate the transition motherhood brings and also help support ligaments of your changing body.

You may think you can comfortably continue to wear normal bras through pregnancy and breastfeeding. It’s important to note the average lactating E cup breast can be up to 35% heavier than a non-lactating breast.  In addition, remember the band provides 80% of support. Your existing non-maternity bras may not stretch, expand or easily flex as your rib cage makes room and changes. A drop down clasp of a nursing bra is also ultra easy for the countless times a day spent feeding a child.

Signs for a poor fit of an existing bra may be a lifting of the band where it should be parallel to the floor, wrinkly cups, puckering or spilling out of the cup or even digging in of the straps. Bras should feel almost weightless, definitely avoiding a too tight or too loose feel.

Featuring a wide variety of Cake Maternity’s line of sizes 30A-42K in regular supply, Nurtured’s selection is inviting with softly lined straps, six hook and eye clasps on almost all designs, seam free options, as well as bras with innovative flexible wire and smoothing, breathable fabrics.

Comfort and support for the ever changing woman’s body can be found at Nurtured. See you soon!

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