Nov 16, 2014

On Night Weaning

There are still stars in the sky. A slight hint of the day’s warm sun is about to wrap it’s arms around the horizon in a band of soft salmon orange and navy blue. I’ve been here before. You too? Perhaps this is unfamiliar water to you, nursing momma; awake at dawn with baited hope that […]

May 28, 2013

bicycle riding and breastfeeding

Guest Post by Nancy Harmon, RN, IBCLC, owner of Good Latch Breastfeeding Support Services and facilitator of the upcoming workshop,  More Than Boobs and Beer: A partner’s workshop.      What does bike-riding have to do with breastfeeding? We’ve all seen them, a little kid, age 7,8 or 9 on the sidewalk with a brand spanking […]

Apr 27, 2013

Babywearing = freedom + empowerment

We loved reading these vivid, touching details of babywearing from day 4 of parenting on through 18 months!  Read how this babywearing mama has woven the art of wearing her baby into a journey of parenting with great confidence. This was written by a fellow Parenting Enthusiast at Nurtured and an organizer of the local […]