Jun 19, 2015

Onederful Diaper by Happy Heiny’s

North American Made Diaper- Check! We take great pride in the diaper companies we partner with at Nurtured. Nurtured has represented Happy Heiny’s for nearly a decade. Our favourite hemp postpartum pads simply can’t be beat. The ultra soft materials they select from diapers to menstrual care always impress the end user. What’s more is […]

Jun 13, 2015

Cute Canadian Made Fitted Diapers by Bummis

We first met the flannel fitted diaper in 2014. Thanks to Bummis, parents and caregivers are taking a second look at fitteds for more than just nighttime. We think you should too! This trim one-size (10-35lbs) diaper can accommodate a wide variety of covers and fit. Always Buy Canadian-Made Diapers = Check! What we love […]

Jun 5, 2015

Canadian-made Peachy Baby All in Two Diaper

Peachy Baby Diaper is a Canadian-made diaper from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Always Buy Canadian Diapers = Check! What we love about Peachy Baby: The ability to build absorbency with a trim bamboo blend insert plus a cover that truly fits from 6 to 40 lbs. Who is it great for: Every baby. Ok, Ok. Considering it […]