Aug 8, 2018

5 Back to School Litterless Lunch Gear Must Haves

It’s nearing back to school season and that blessed time for packing lunches is calling. Do you have the lunch gear you need? Be Nurtured by exploring how to meet your growing child’s needs with these 5 back to school litterless lunch must haves. If you’re researching what lunch gear will create a system of organization, yummy presentation […]

Jul 25, 2018

Cord Blood Banking: What Expectant Parents Need to Know

Source: originally published in Bride Magazine on July 9, 2018  One of the lesser-discussed topics regarding labour and delivery is the option to participate in cord blood banking. Yet, deciding whether or not to pursue this type of service is a hefty decision that also comes with a price tag. But, is it worth it? […]

Jun 27, 2018

A Maritime Family Friendly Camping List

Happy Summer!  Here’s hoping you’re headed camping with your family in Nova Scotia if you’re reading our blog.  We enjoy hearing customers list their favourite Nurtured items to take along camping with their families. While you’re scouring the web for that perfect Family Camping Checklist scroll below to see what we added to Cozi family organizer’s list […]