Aug 8, 2018

5 Back to School Litterless Lunch Gear Must Haves

It’s nearing back to school season and that blessed time for packing lunches is calling. Do you have the lunch gear you need? Be Nurtured by exploring how to meet your growing child’s needs with these 5 back to school litterless lunch must haves. If you’re researching what lunch gear will create a system of organization, yummy presentation […]

Jan 16, 2017

Stress Free Mealtime

Is January a month for a renewed goal in family mealtimes? Here are a few tidbits you may find interesting from Miss Dawn, a Speech Language Pathologist and Feeding Specialist on EZPZ’s team. Her tip on focus is spot on for my family! Which resonates with you? “Parents often tell me that work, over-commitments and […]

Aug 25, 2016

Lickety Split, Lunch Box Success

There is something to be said about the warm summer days. No rushing, just savouring. The here and now. If you find you want to enjoy the last few days of our Maritime summer without fretting another minute over school lunch prep, here’s two things for you: