Jan 29, 2019

Should I store my baby’s cord blood stem cells?

How do you separate the hype from the facts about cord blood banking, so you can decide what’s ultimately right for you and your family? Here are cord blood myths and facts published by the Cord Blood Association so you can make an informed decision regarding storing your baby’s cord blood stem cells:  Myth:  Cord blood […]

Nov 24, 2015

Arts and Crafts at Nurtured

Shopping at Nurtured means discovering a high quality, hand-picked selection for your kids, big and little alike.  Let’s start with arts and crafts.  We believe children should be able to use safe, high quality art supplies to enrich all the senses. From beeswax crayons that fit their small hands to craft kits these items create treasures to cherish […]

Jun 27, 2015

bumGenius 4.0

A pocket diaper has a folklore tale surrounding it that says cloth diapering was revolutionized by it’s creation. Pocket diapers keep baby’s skin dry while absorbency inside the pocket pulls away wetness. Entering the market at a time our culture was seeking reusable alternatives for every lifestyle, pocket diapers helped put cloth diapering on trend […]