Jul 3, 2016

5 Things to Take Camping with Kids This Summer

Summer is here. If you ask around at the end of the season, a general consensus of your friends will say one of their best family vacations was camping. This is due, they’ll say, to leaving the hectic pace of the city and enjoying quality time together in the great outdoors.  After a little planning of the location, the […]

May 27, 2016

Kid friendly sunscreen in Halifax

Congrats to the top rated kid’s sunscreens making the coveted Environmental Working Group’s 2016 list! Twenty-two sunscreen lotions made this year’s list and we’re so proud all of our options at Nurtured made the grade. Do keep in mind the following 6 tips as EWG’s recommendation is that sunscreen is the last resort for a […]

Mar 1, 2016

Destination Vacation — With Babe!

After coaxing our notoriously pleasant baby to stop smiling for the passport photo, followed by a 90 minute wait at Passport Canada with the same wriggly boy (and an embarrassing and frantic heist to replace my own lost passport), baby O and I are all set to fly south and visit my snowbird mother in […]