Sep 7, 2017

Stem Cell Study Offers Hope

Cord Blood banking has evolved greatly, especially since Nurtured first opened. Now, more than ever we hear questions and conversation arise in cord blood banking being a part of birth planning. Our Cord Blood Education workshop here in Halifax with Insception Lifebank has shared a wealth of knowledge with expectant parents regarding clinical trials and treatments as well […]

Apr 30, 2017

Prenatal and Childbirth Education Classes in Halifax

Looking for Childbirth Education Classes in Halifax? There are still a few spots for expecting couples available for our May Prenatal Classes! Providing a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, our Childbirth Preparation Classes for parents-to-be in HRM are created to be welcoming and informative. When instructor, Wanda Cox, prepared for her own first childbirth experience in 1997 she did what she […]

Feb 22, 2017

Halifax Workshops and Events at Nurtured

Did you know a good sign for a transition in season can be found in our workshop calendar? Step out of the house for a social event like the Pregnancy Party or bring baby to sit with you while you learn about introducing solids. Music With Babies This five-week class is always a hit with customers […]