3 Reasons to use cloth diapers.

3 Reasons to Choose Cloth

My 10-year old Star Wars loving son would love it if all I said about choosing reusable cloth diapers (especially for Earth Day) was, “Do or do not. There is no try.” Just dive in and choose to use cloth diapers. There’s no greater convenience than the commitment to having a set of diapers as the first and last purchase you need for changing your child from birth through potty training.

We know these 3 things are why people choose cloth.

  • Using reusable cloth diapers will save you money. You can start with the highest quality diapers for as little as $400.
  • Those 7,000-9,000 diaper changes from birth to potty learning equals 1 ton of solid waste going to a landfill.  Yes, using cloth will lessen the amount of garbage you take out to your curb in HRM every 2 weeks. The Real Diaper Association says, “our common sense tells us that cloth diapers are the ultimate in recycling because they are used again and again, not entering a landfill until they are nothing but rags.”
  • It’s healthier! Knowing “at least half of all babies will exhibit rash at least once during their diapering years.”  using cloth allows you to use the softest, most breathable and absorbent materials, against your baby’s skin without the many chemicals contained in disposable diapers.

When you buy cloth diapering supplies at Nurtured we stock the highest quality, provide unparalleled service to support you, and will do the legwork to help you have the most positive experience.

Want more facts? Here’s what the Real Diaper Association has to share.

When I was expecting baby #2 Earth Day was both my invite and commitment to choosing cloth. I want you to know I never looked back. My previous experience with disposables left me disgusted by the waste, the rash, and the constant search to find the right fit. When I had my second I never bought or used any disposable diapers as using cloth was a great convenience even to a busy lifestyle. I used cloth at home, every time we went out, later sent my child to day care with cloth and even traveled with it. There was no waste, no rash and the fit was amazing. If you can do a load of laundry, it’s a simple as that. Choose cloth.

Here’s what a recent cloth diaper workshop attendee at Nurtured had to say,

“We did actually decide to go with cloth diapers after your workshop!! It really eased my husband’s and my mind about what came with that decision.”

We will get you up and running with high quality covers and inserts for as little as $400 that will AMPDiapers postlast for at least 2-3 years of use.  So whatever you do, come see the diaper wall or attend our cloth diapering workshop at Nurtured. You can touch, feel and even practice changing a cloth diaper on a doll.  It’s true, some of our customers say we do things differently at Nurtured. There’s no crazy wash instructions, no insane Facebook groups and absolutely no pressure. We’ll give you the facts, share our knowledge, help you match what diapers will fit your lifestyle and tell you what you don’t need.

For 11 years we’ve been helping our customers choose cloth. Whether it’s setting you up to appease your a-type personality or your partner’s serious aversion to changing any diapers we can help. Choosing reusable cloth diapers is the best commitment you can make this Earth Day and every day throughout the year.

Check out this great infographic by MomLovesBest.com. Thanks, Jenny!



The one thing you need in your nursery

monte_blog_nursery“This. I need this.”

What a little slice of heaven sitting in a good, supportive chair is. The comment above came after one of my shoppers collapsed into the Monte Design Joya Rocker, a customer favourite here at the shop.

On average, nursing moms will spend over one thousand hours breastfeeding in the first year — not to mention the magnitude of moments holding, rocking and reading to your child. If there is one piece of sage wisdom imparted to me from breastfeeding support that I always pass along, it is to make yourself a “nest” at home. Doing this will allow you to be your best, most rested self during your magnitude of snuggling and feeding hours.

A well designed rocker is your best starting point for, in essence, a nesting venture.

I was at lunch recently with a friend who has had a Monte chair long before we brought them to Nurtured. She shared how much appreciation she has for Monte – “It’s the only piece of furniture I still have from when my child was a baby,” she gushed. “I love it. I literally spent hours in it. It was like a centrepiece of my nest.”

Earlier this year we had the sheer joy of visiting the Monte Design office and factory. How lucky I was to be able to join Eric (aka “NurturedDad”) on this trip. He is always raving about the company’s manufacturing and design options, plus their basketball court on the factory floor. For a guy who has bought hundreds and thousands of pieces of hotel furniture, it means a lot when he expresses so much enthusiasm while selecting Monte rockers and gliders for Nurtured.

Eric, mind you, is able to pick out a piece of furniture in a heartbeat whereas I’m one for taking all the measurements — seeing where my feet land, how my lower, upper and middle back and hips feel, where my elbows and forearms rest.  After all, and perhaps I’ve emphasized it already, the time you will spend nursing or feeding, rocking your child, reading story after story [on repeat] should be replenishing and enjoyable. 

Design-driven with superior quality and comfort is the Monte difference. Here’s a lineup of the Monte selection:

monte_3chairsJoya Rocker – Iconic in design, modern, contemporary and soothing. Ottoman available.

Como Glider – Sink in to this soft and sumptuous beautifully tailored chair that features removable and washable coverings. Ottoman available.

Grano Recliner – A modern streamlined recliner and rocker in one. (My personal favourite.)

monte_4chairsJackson Rocker –  Discerning in design and superior comfort this chair will cradle your body with a high back and a gentle rock.

Luca Glider – Simple lines with exceptional comfort; this chair has all the original ergonomics that Monte is recognized for.

Vola Glider – A signature statement piece with curves that will reflect your luxe sense of style as you rest your head.

Grazia Glider – A roomy glider yet with a rounded high back on a swiveling and gliding base.

It’s clear that parents are the true inspiration behind each chair in the Monte Glider & Rocker Collection. They are among the most beautiful and modern looking along with exceptionally comfortable on the market because that was exactly where Monte was born when the owner and his wife were expecting.

Ergonomic arm height combines with an incredibly thoughtful back design while lounging or snuggling and nourishing your baby.  You’ll take note there is a Monte standard of an included lumbar support pillow included with every chair. May it lend a lift to a heavy arm weighted down by baby’s sleeping head or your aching back or your very own heavy head. Bonus points always add up to Monte’s design details where they somehow manage feet can touch the floor (and/or reach to a cozy ottoman). I can’t convey enough how lovely this is.

monte_luca_detailsAfter a walk through the Ontario factory,  I saw firsthand why Eric’s enthusiasm for Monte shines. Let me tell you it goes beyond the fist bumps he has with the familiar smiling faces in the factory as they greet each other like besties.  I’m one for details. Do feel free to waive me away if I start to say how awesome their water based glue, strength in basket weaving or wire gauging and emphasis on only choosing flame retardant free fabrics and foam is top of their musts, (and definitely waive Eric away if he talks about making a 3-pointer from behind the line). You are welcome to block anyone else’s opinion out and savour the “ahh” in it’s simplest and most euphoric of relaxation as you daydream holding your child.  Afterall, it’s incredibly nice to find that piece of furniture for your life. We’ll chime back in only after you “ooh” over customizing your piece of furniture to match the nursery or living room. 

Do visit our Agricola Street Halifax store to catch our excitement (and concoct your own) for the hand-crafted quality of Monte that simply can’t be beat. From the finishing touches of true Canadian craftsmanship to everywhere in between Monte will give you the top of the line quality, durability and style you need long past the baby years.  

See you soon.


Halifax Workshops and Events at Nurtured

Workshops_Fall_2016 (1)

Did you know a good sign for a transition in season can be found in our workshop calendar? Step out of the house for a social event like the Pregnancy Party or bring baby to sit with you while you learn about introducing solids.

Music With Babies

This five-week class is always a hit with customers (and staff members!) Music with Babies is best suited from 4 to 12 months. We will explore rhythm, movement, and musical activities that offer your little one a fun introduction to music, bonding time with their caregivers and a playful social environment with other babies. (New dates for April and May are up!)

Instructor Louise Hanavan is a musician, mom, and true artistic spirit you will love to see each week. She plays the banjo, guitar, piano, and french horn, but most of all loves to sing!

Baby Led Weaning

Old Man Winter seemed to have his way to bring you two opportunities this month to hear Dr. Jen Salib-Huber of Pillars of Health present the most up to date information. Babes in arms are welcome to classes.

Don’t let the “W” word deceive you — this workshop is all about introducing your babe to solid food.

Topics covered will include:

  • What is Baby Led Weaning and what are the advantages over conventional introductions to solid foods?
  • Nutritional considerations and requirements
  • Resources and recipes

Baby Led Weaning is led by Dr. Jennifer Salib-Huber, RD, ND and mother of 3 children who used the Baby Led Weaning method with her twins. Dr. Salib-Huber will combine personal experience with professional expertise as a Naturopathic Doctor and Registered Dietitian.

Beyond Time Outs: Effective Strategies for Real Parents

Special guest facilitator, Alison Smith is a mother, certified life coach and former educator living in Saint John, New Brunswick. She supports parents in learning to decode their child’s behaviour, improve cooperation and communication so families can work together consistently as a team.

You’re already a good parent. In the space of two hours, you’ll learn how to increase cooperation and reduce meltdowns as well as how effective gentle discipline can be and will create a solid foundation for gentle parenting practices.

Plus, you’ll come away with a handy list of alternatives to time-outs, words and phrases to make a difference right away, and a few bonus tips for keeping yourself calm (even when your kids aren’t!)

This session is best suited to parents who are looking to help their kids (and themselves!) to be at their best. It is intended as an introduction to positive parenting, although those who are already familiar are sure to discover fresh ideas, and have a chance to ask Alison questions directly!

CPR + Emergency First Aid  **MOVED TO APRIL            

Get the Bee Jee’s song “Stayin’ Alive” playing on repeat as you prep to earn certification (or recertification) via Lifesaving Society, a nationally recognized provider in Canada. The instructor will cover all the basics of emergency first aid plus CPR with AED and does so with a focus on answering your many questions as a parent plus all the hands-on practice required to meet your certification.  Certification cards from Lifesaving Society are received in the mail upon completion.

**Emergency First Aid + CPR- Level C class includes Adult, Child, Infant CPR and Choking procedures. This level is all inclusive from parents to child care workers, first responders and lifeguards.

Prenatal and Childbirth Education

Providing a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, and offered monthly, Nurtured has partnered with two area childbirth educators to develop  Childbirth Preparation Classes for couples in HRM. In this class(es) you and your partner will gain knowledge and build confidence as you plan and prepare for birth.

Classes are interactive and provide couples with evidence based information to ensure you feel confident and empowered for your birth experience. Jen Hammond is a Certified Birth Doula, and Injoy Childbirth Educator.  Wanda is a Certified Birth and Post Partum Doula, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Certified Birth Educator and trained Lactation Educator.